Gustav Klimt

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  • The Hanukkah Lights Ketubah $290.00

    Inspired by one of the world’s most iconic artists, Gustav Klimt is most famously known for his use of patterns, mosaics, and gold — the perfect theme for a Hanukkah Ketubah! This design features the classic Hanukkah menorah with nine candles. The eclectic background contains a stunning mix of gold accents and striking red and green patterns. The Ketubah text is encircled by an ornate golden framing, working itself seamlessly into the overall design.

    This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves and celebrates Jewish tradition… and always in style! The Klimt inspired feel to this design blended with the Hanukkah lights creates a beautiful balance of unique style and tradition. The Hanukkah Lights Ketubah bursts with color and warmth — the perfect abstract style to capture the beauty of marriage and tradition.

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  • The Golden Hamsa Ketubah $290.00

    The Golden Hamsa Ketubah glows in warmth, serenity, and love — just as any Ketubah should! From the framing of the willow tree and running river to the sunset just behind the beautiful hamsa, this Ketubah exaggerates color and organic images in a dreamlike way. The fire red and golden shades light up the designs and patterns of this already stunningly abstract landscape.

    The large hamsa in the center not only creates a beautiful placement for the Ketubah text, but also represents the protection and serenity found within your unique relationship and the important spiritual commitment to one another. The Golden Hamsa is perfect for the couple that draws strength from each other and the traditions that make up our heritage.

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  • The Deaconess Ketubah $290.00

    The Viennese Jewish tradition is not only aristocratic, but fair and modern in a powerful way: the Viennese school combines classic thought and attitudes with the buzzing modernity that burst onto the world in the early 20th century.

    Gustav Klimt, emerging from that Vienna Secession, took these ideas to the next level. His works consistently had themes like jurisprudence, not traditionally captured in art but essential for the modern, sophisticated world. He combined symbolism and big murals in a way reminiscent but building on the Art Nouveau. All with a masculine-feminine tension and gold, gold, gold everywhere.

    These themes fit perfectly into a modern Ketubah: the glitzy gold yet traditional art; the political-ish themes but not political propaganda; the elegance of the classic with the look of the modern.

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  • The Austrian Forest Ketubah $290.00

    Like many artists of the Art Nouveau period, Gustav Klimt called on the classic themes of nature to explore the things words cannot do justice—the power of love and the beauty of creation. The dazzling modernity embodied by his style permeates through every form he creates.

    This Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wishes to maintain traditional Jewish elements of nature in their Ketubah alongside stunning elegance and captivating contrasts. The symbolism in this piece—like that of Klimt’s own works—can be seen from every angle, adding beauty and meaning to the couple who proudly sign it

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