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  • The Evening Doves Ketubah $290.00

    The range of Marc Chagall’s art can’t be limited to just one style. With a career that spanned two centuries, five countries, and countless Jewish motifs, our artists decided to focus our second Chagall-inspired work on his dramatic use of color and heavenly figures. As Picasso once noted Chagall was among the last “to understand what color really is.”

    Framing the text in a dramatic night sky, this Ketubah captures the essence and drama of love and marriage while invoking the mysteries of the heavens with a female figure reaching skyward. It is perfect for the couple who wishes to sign a Ketubah which speaks to their identity as lovers, Jews, and enthusiasts of the Chagall modernist aesthetic.

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  • The Vibrant Hamsa Ketubah $290.00

    Few things are as universally recognized in Jewish symbolism as the Hamsa, or the artistic representation of the Hand of G-d. Offering good luck and defense against the 'evil eye', the Hamsa has been a feature of Judaica full of spiritual significance, and stunning beauty.

    Offering an updated take on Russian artist Marc Chagall’s classical Jewish imagination, the vibrant colors in this Hamsa weave together Jewish symbolism with meaningful forms and a spirit that calls on the joy and passion of love. We can't help but feel a connection with it!

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  • The Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah $290.00

    Inspired by the beautiful stained glass works of art found in synagogues and temples across the world, the Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah captures the awe and beauty of the Tree of Life, or Etz Chaim. With delicate colors and a textured feeling of genuine stained glass, this Ketubah calls on traditional themes of prosperity and beauty in Jewish artwork.

    Couples will grow intertwined with each day of their marriage, just as the trees depicted form a beautiful orchard, sharing good weather and the challenges of life. The gorgeous shaded background of the Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah provides a feeling of warmth, joy, and color. L'Chaim!

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  • The Etz of Life Ketubah $290.00

    Wassily Kandinsky's Blaue Reiter, it can be argued, created modernity: coming out of nowhere, this group combined new styles and forms in fun and creative ways that are perfect for the creative-traditional couple. Especially those that love Bauhaus.

    The Floating Forms Ketubah uses geometric forms, primary and secondary colors and simple shapes — just of the sort Kandinsky built is style on. The geometry creates a unique piece of artwork that combines the synchronicity of both theory and practice.

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  • The Ani L’Dodi Vibrant Mosaic Ketubah $290.00

    “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”—Legend tells us that King Solomon wrote this line in his intimate and beautiful poem, the Song of Songs. For centuries, Jewish couples have reflected on its lines as an expression for their relationship.

    The Ani L’Dodi Mosaic Ketubah combines this classic phrase from Jewish tradition together with the vibrant, exciting, and joyful design of stained glass. Reminiscent of the world’s most famous Synagogues, each pane uses powerful yet subdued colors to illuminate the view. Skillfully blending color and emotion, this Ketubah is perfect for the couple who want to uniquely declare their love.

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