Romero Britto

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  • A Bright Tree Ketubah $290.00

    Inspired by Romero Britto’s fun and vibrant style, A Bright Tree Ketubah blends the best of Pop Art and Ketubah tradition! This stunning Ketubah features a beautiful tree against a colorful mosaic background, each piece containing a different pattern or image. From stripes and checkered prints to swirls and the star of david — this Ketubah bursts with detail and depth!

    A Bright Tree Ketubah is perfect for the couple that loves modern style and wants a Ketubah that not only reflects their interests, but personality as well! With tons of color and a perfect mix of tradition and modern style, this work of art will look beautiful in any room of your home. This Ketubah will be a meaningful reflection of your love and commitment to one another for years to come!

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  • The Kiss From A Rose Ketubah $290.00

    The Kiss From a Rose Ketubah combines the vibrancy of art inspired by Romero Britto, with the theme of passionate love between two women. The wild colors and dozens of patterns in the background represent a life of many changes and passion, while the foreground of two women show love in its most direct form.

    The Kiss From a Rose is perfect for the lesbian couple whose passion is bright and intense, and who want a Ketubah that captures not only their love but the different sides, colors and patterns of their love for each other.

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  • The Pride and Groom Ketubah $290.00

    The couple's loving embrace is the classic picture of the excitement and bliss on their wedding day. The mosaic backdrop behind the couple and the floral framing exudes the brightness of a wedding day, and every day after. With a Britto influence combined with a modern and fresh creates the perfect Ketubah for any gay couple!

    The Pride and Groom Ketubah blooms with nothing but happiness, love and color. The striking patterns and tons of color not only emphasizes their love and passion, but also the pride and loyalty they have in one another — a beautiful picture of a couple head over heels in love.

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  • The Bride Squared Ketubah $290.00

    Any unique love deserves an equally unique Ketubah with a gorgeous design! The Bride Squared Ketubah takes the classic Britto theme and turns it into something completely modern and fresh. The framing of the bright roses adds just enough romanticism for the perfect finishing touch to the design.

    The vibrancy and eclectic mix of patterns emphasizes the beauty of the two brides in love and their meaningful commitment to one another. The Bride Squared Ketubah is perfect for the same sex couple that want a Ketubah that will truly stand out and make a beautiful statement both in meaning and design. This Ketubah is the perfect vibrant piece to match a couple's modern style and life.

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  • The Hamsa-licious Ketubah $290.00

    Hamsas have traditionally been known to not only represent protection against the evil eye, but also blessings, strength and power. We can't think of a better symbol than a hamsa to honor a couple's sacred commitment and special day.

    The Hamsalicious is not for your average couple! With diverse patterns and tons of color, this ketubah is perfect for the couple that is completely eclectic and unique in their style and tastes. The snapshot of a couple on their wedding day also adds in just the right amount of intimacy and love. The Hamsalicious will be the perfect centerpiece for your home and life — observing tradition, but always in a fun and modern way!

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